Nick Place is a Melbourne-based writer.

He has four novels published in Australia and overseas, mainly aimed at teenage or pre-teen audiences.

A short film he wrote, “The Cook”,  about a bunch of Aussie shearers having a fight with their cook over scones, appeared at the St Kilda International Short Film Festival and was chosen to appear on the opening night of the Rhode Island International Film Festival. It has since roamed festivals around the world, unfortunately without Nick tagging along.

Nick has also written a comedy stage play, “Footy Castaways”, that sold out at The Last Laugh in 1995, as well as poetry and screenplays.

A very not-suitable-for-children adult detective novel, “Roll With It”, is being published in 2013, while Nicko is currently working on a sequel for that book, as well as a ghost story, another teen novel, a couple of screenplays, a play and some poems. He doesn’t often get bored.

Away from fiction, Nick has also spent a lot of years working in the media, of which more detail can be found at

He has two kids, a dog (Fly Dog The Magnificent – see Thanks A Kazillion) and a pretty sweet life. He enjoys playing ice hockey, scuba diving, boxing, running, surfing, reading, coffee on Brunswick Street, street art, sky, the Ocean Road, his Karmann Ghia, whales, dolphins, one particular French-Australian woman, and singing badly.

  1. I like the first book you wrote and iam doing a book report on it and i am triying to find the second kazillion wish book

  2. Hi Ed.

    Sorry for such a slow response. I was travelling overseas and having some rare non-net time.

    I’m very glad you liked the Kazillion Wish. Yes, there is a sequel, Thanks a Kazillion, which was published in Australia. If you’d like to buy it, click on this link:

    Thanks a lot for writing.

  3. Hello Nick,
    We ( my son and I ) are anxiously awaiting another novel. We are filling in time, happily, reading Sue Lawson, Emily Rodda, re-reading all of Andy Griffiths, Louis Sacher. We long for another OK Team instalment, but another Kazillion Wish would also make us happy. It’s wonderful to discover an author who writes with such an Australian voice, but we need more. At the risk of sounding impatient: what’s happening?
    Merry Christmas. JC and AC

    • Hi there, JC (and AC). Thanks so much for writing to me. The bad news is that I’m not sure there is going to be a Book 3 in the OK Team series, because it’s up to the publishers, not me. My little band of hapless Heroes remain, caped up and ready for action, but it all comes down to sales. Likewise, Zucchini, Zootfrog, Larry and Kelroy, Harlan, Ainsley and Fly Dog are sunning themselves at Fruitfly Bay, frollicking in the surf while ever in hope that the call will come for the next installment. (The Italian rights for the Kazillion Wish just sold, which is fun. Zucchini will be causing havoc in Italy soon!)

      I have been busy, writing an adult detective novel set in Melbourne, and am about to start work on a whole new, HUGE children’s book, so stay tuned. I’m really glad you like the tone and style of the books. I love writing in an Australian voice too. It’s been a lot of fun, turning my home city of Melbourne into a genuine super-hero town. Hope Christmas was great for you. Happy New Year, and thanks again for writing! Nicko

      • Hey Nick I am a huge fan of your ok team books and I really think that you should write another one, I must find out what happens to Focus and the team next!!! any way I think they sell really well why won’t they publish it?!!!!

      • Heya Ethan,

        Thanks a lot for writing to me. It’s great that you’re so into the OK Team, and would love to see another one. I guess it all comes down to sales and whether the publisher believes there is a demand for a book, so I’d suggest writing to Allen & Unwin, asking if they could commission a third installment. (In my head, the third book would involve a potential end of the world 🙂

        I don’t know if you have read The Kazillion Wish and Thanks A Kazillion, but I think you might like the humour, if you enjoyed the OK books.

        Currently I’m working on a ghost story, but it’s in its early stages.

        Take care and thanks again for writing.

  4. Hey Nick,
    This is AC and JC. We are telling everyone about your books so we hope more people start buying copies soon so the OK Team can live on! We often play games of what our Superpowers would be, and what our ratings would be, and wonder what would happen if we were visited by Leon. We wonder about Focus, and Canonball, and AC often repeats Canonball’s bizarre sayings – at times things here are as wierd as a chimney!
    Looking forward to the HUGE children’s book you speak of, and JC is a big fan of Australian Detective Fiction, so the whole family here will be happy.

    Happy 2010.
    Thanks for replying, it is really great that an author can reply in person to his readers.

    • Hiya. I love that AC quotes Cannonball … mostly people go for Zucchini Spacestation’s bizarre take on the world so I’m glad Cannonball is matching the crazy Bow for real life quotation.

      Thanks again for writing. I love being able to talk to readers, person to person.

  5. its been a while since we heard from u last nick.oh and ist working can u send me a link to the new site.i was wondering if ur gonna make a new ok team book.number 2 got published years ago so surely your publsheres notified you by now if theres gonna be a number 3 so please let me and all your fans if theres going to be a sequel

    • Hiya Daniel. Good to hear from you. I know I’ve been quiet but I have been busy. I finished a massive detective novel, for adults, that had taken me years to write, off and on, so now I’m hawking that around, trying to find a publisher. Fingers crossed.
      Meanwhile, it looks like there won’t be an OK Team 3, unfortunately. The publishers get to make that call and with book sales so flat, they’re not being very adventurous. Focus, Cannonball and the crew will have to stay marooned on two adventures, by the looks of things.
      I am working on another novel aimed at the OK Team audience, but it’s a while away from being finished. It’s a big book – a bigger scale and more ambitious than the OK Team series, or the Kazillion books, so wish me luck.
      In other news, I’ve taken up the sport of ice hockey! So any fiction has to be fitted in around my real work and my skating.
      Oh, and was set up by the publishers but they didn’t renew it when the domain came up for rent :/
      I hope everything is great in your world.
      Thanks so much for writing, and for your enthusiasm about my little band of motley heroes. Nicko

  6. yeah so i was getting into The ok team was just wondering were i could get number 2 i was wondering like a borders or something like that! oh and i bet number 2 is better then one not saying that the other was bad any way thanks for the books mate

    • Hola Roberto. I’m so glad you enjoyed “The OK Team”. Yes, there is a second book, called “OK Team 2: Better Than OK”. If it’s not in your local bookstore, you can definitely order it. My local Borders usually has it in stock (bless ’em). OK Team 2 is more life and death than book one … that’s all I’ll say 😉

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh i need more O.K team i have read them all 50 times i am an addict please make more

    • heya Spawn Omega (excellent name. Well done, your parents!)

      Thanks a lot for your comment. I’m SO glad you love the OK Team that much. Believe me, I’d love to write a third installment but unfortunately the publisher gets to decide that, not me, or Hazy, or Frederick. Feel free to contact Allen & Unwin demanding more OK Team shenanigans. I’ve got lots of terrible new heroes rattling around in my head.

      Thanks again for writing,

  8. Well, get you.
    Very impressive.
    Hope you and the family are well.
    Janey x

  9. Nicko, I just saw a photo of your dog Flydog, who is a doppelganger for our adopted dog who had been a stray and was found in rural Connecticut USA last November. Ours is a boy but looks exactly the same as Flydog and we’ve been wondering. What is the breed? Can you tell us? Everyone tells us he’s a labradoodle. Please respond.

    • Hi Paul,

      Well, that just leads to a world of questions! Why were you, in Connecticut, looking at my humble website? It’s been quite a few years since my kids books were published in the USA. In fact, I think only one of them officially was.
      In answer to your question, it’s hard to give a verdict on a dog I’ve never seen from half a world away but yep, sounds like a labradoodle. Fly Dog the Magnificent is certainly a labradoodle … I met her dad (a big standard poodle) and her mum (an easy going labradore) so if you’re squinting at your stray and then Fly’s picture and they look identical, there’s a good chance yours is a labradoodle. Which is good news for you because they are divine dogs : friendly, calm, great with kids, smart, without all of the labradore food-desperation … fun … I could go on. Fly Girl comes to work with me every day, as well as (today, as a typical day) to a financial meeting in a highrise office, to a lunch in the sun, to a lecture I was giving at a university and then to Melbourne’s main ice hockey rink, to say a quick hi to my sons. Usually I’d drop Fly off because I’d be playing but tonight I’m not. So yes, if you do have a labradoodle, they like to just hang out and be part of the pack. And they give a lot of love in return. But they also poo a lot – Fly has done four major dumps today alone. I was starting to wonder about ringing the Guineas Book of Records.
      Enjoy your magnificent stray, thanks for writing and let me know how you stumbled across my page 🙂

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